New York Investment Property for Sale: Mixed-Use Property Offers Lucrative Opportunities

If you are in search of a lucrative investment opportunity in New York, look no further than this mixed-use property for sale. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, this property offers a unique combination of residential and commercial spaces, making it an ideal choice for savvy investors.

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The property features a 3-family building with an attached store/office space. One of the standout features of this property is the office space, which provides full access to an unfinished basement, perfect for storage. This feature adds immense value to the property as it provides additional space for potential tenants or the opportunity for the owner to utilize it for their own needs.

New York Investment Property for Sale

The residential units consist of two 1-bedroom apartments, which are currently occupied by NYC FHEPS tenants. These tenants enjoy rental income that is above the market price in the area. Moreover, the rental payments are guaranteed for up to 5 years, providing a secure and stable income stream for the investor. This long-term guarantee ensures a consistent return on investment, making it an attractive opportunity for those seeking a reliable income source.

Additionally, the third 1-bedroom unit is occupied by a paying tenant at market value. This adds further flexibility to the property, allowing the owner to generate additional rental income at competitive rates. With a mix of guaranteed and market-rate tenants, this property provides a balanced investment portfolio, reducing the risk associated with relying solely on market fluctuations.

Location is a crucial factor when investing in real estate, and this property offers the best of both worlds. Situated conveniently between the J train and A trains, commuting is a breeze for both residents and potential customers of the commercial space. The quiet residential neighborhood ensures a peaceful living environment while still providing easy access to essential amenities and transportation options. This desirable location adds further value to the investment, making it an attractive choice for potential tenants.

For those interested in acquiring this income-generating portfolio, contacting the listing agent is the next step. The agent will provide you with a full rent roll and details of expenses, allowing you to assess the financial viability of the investment. With comprehensive information at your disposal, you can make an informed decision and move forward confidently.

In conclusion, this mixed-use property in New York presents an exceptional investment opportunity. With a 3-family building, an attached store/office space, and full access to an unfinished basement, this property offers versatility and potential for growth. The presence of NYC FHEPS tenants with above-market rental income and a guaranteed payment period of up to 5 years ensures a stable income stream. The property’s prime location, nestled between two major train lines, adds further value to this attractive investment opportunity. Don’t miss out on the chance to build an income-generating portfolio – contact the listing agent today to explore this remarkable property.

74-03 Rockaway Blvd, Woodhaven, NY 11421